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We were both about to come off the system - that same day he found me he wouldn't have seen my ad just hours later.  We emailed for 4 days (a 54 page document saved still today) and talked on the phone for 6. On the 11th day, we met for the first time face to face. We just "knew". It was the Lord really and we both had a peace that passes understanding. He was 40, never married with no kids and I was 30 and the same. We had both come back to the Lord after living very hard lives away from Him and just knew the Lord  had someone special for us. was where our paths crossed. Three years later, we have a one year old son and are trying for one more. We really got to know each other while we were married but we wouldn't change a thing for the world. We are so much in love!  Thank-you so much for your service.

We want to say thanks to the Singles Christian Network for helping us to find each other. We met last spring, fell in love, and soon after got married. My wife is not only the most beautiful women in the world, she is one of the strongest Christians I've ever meet, and I have both God and the Network to thank for bringing us together. I can never repay you, Thank You! Adam & Wendy

christian single,christian dating,christian chat,singles chat,christian singles,dating,singles,romance,Dating,Love,Relationships,Personals,Personal Ads,christian dating,Valentines,Dating Advice, Dating Service,christian single

christian dating,christian single,christian chat,singles chat,christian singles,dating,singles,romance,Dating,Love,Relationships,Personals,Personal Ads,christian dating,Valentines,Dating Advice, Dating Service,christian single

I would like to have my profile removed, as it has successfully fulfilled its purpose! I met my fiancée through your site last August. We each soon discovered that we had found the person we had been seeking for a long time.  We met in person in February, and we became engaged at the end of my trip there. We are now going through the process of securing a fiancée visa, and are hoping to be married by next February, if not sooner. We would like to thank you for the key role you played in making this happen!
I've attached a picture of us taken just after I gave her the engagement ring :-)

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"Thanks to your site I have found the love of my life. We found each other with God's help and now our future is with each other. I cannot express my thanks enough." D.S. 

"Thank you for the blessings this site has brought to my life. I have met a wonderful Godly man and I/we are so excited fro the plans we continually see God unfolding in our lives. Thank you JESUS !!!" P.E. 

"I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I have enjoyed being on ASCN. I am very pleased with your service and how you strive to make it better all the time. Happily, I have found someone very special on ASCN and I would like to cancel my membership immediately." P.F.

"I want to say that I met a very lovely lady on this site, with whom I now share a relationship. She has proven to be a very wonderful lady, and though I cannot predict the future, I certainly want to see where this relationship would lead us. I certainly would love to marry her, if that squares with the plan of the good Lord for our lives. Thank you so much for your services. And I wish to say that I have got my money's worth from this site, even if my relationship with the beautiful lady I met on this site does not end in marriage." D.C.

"Within a few short days I may have met my soulmate. While this may not have been my original intentions, God obviously had different plans. I came on this site to have a little fun, chat with other Christians, etc. I've never been in a chat room prior to this. So, once again, I can only give credit to God. If this relationship works out as I strongly feel it will, we will be back in touch to share our testimony." M.S.

"Please remove me from the profiles. I met my husband through your program. I feel extremely blessed and thank you so much." M.H.

"I was a total skeptic when it came to thinking I could find the mate God had for me online. However, four months later I feel obligated to share with you the joy that God has placed in my life through your services. God has brought the most wonderful woman into my life and I just want to thank you for offering this service. We'll be getting married sometime late December or January." P.H.

"I think I've met my dream boat. Thanks to you guys!" Y.P.

"I would like to thank you for your service and the tremendous success of the webpage. Since joining with your company, I have met a wonderful Christian man and we have since become engaged." J.S.

"First of all I have to Thank you. With you SCN service, and thru the Lord, I have met the man I have been Praying for. We plan to be married soon after the first of the year. At this time I would like to cancel my ad. I am so in love and happy. Thank you agian for your great service!!!" K.J.

"Thank you sooo much for your support and network. It was successful AGAIN.....I have read about other subscribers success story's and Now THANKS TO CSN .....I have my own...!!! " S.N.

"My webpage is on your site...and I just wanted to update you as to what is happening in my life. The man I met through my webpage, Armando, and I have been together just over a year now. In April, on my birthday, he proposed and I accepted. We are getting married June 12, 1999. Just thought you might like to know the great news. Thanks again for your wonderful ministry."

"I wish to discontinue my membership at this time....after only a month I have met a very wonderful and special lady...I do not wish to recieve any further contacts.  Thank You...I hope to never have to be a member again!" S.M.

"I'm happy to announce that I've met a wonderful, Christian man . . .through the internet and my webpage certainly had him sold. So, thank you for your service . . . I received many responses." K.M.

"I have been blessed with a beautiful, gentle, holy man in my life through your service. We are going to be married and as a consequence, request that you remove my ad from your listings." P.K.

"I would like to thank you for my account with you. I have met someone special and it is going well." D.C.

"I am happy to ask you to discontinue my ad on the Christian Singles Network...through your service, I have met a wonderful Christian man, and last Saturday night he asked me to marry him! The date is set for April 3rd! " G.Y.

"I guess I'd like to put my listing on hold because I have been a wonderful man through your network! " K.S.

"I thank you for this service. It has had a dramatic effect on my life. I assure you that I have recommended this site to many others. Again,thanks!"

"God is faithful. God is awesome. God is interested in His children. I need to ask you to delete my name from your database, since I am now engaged to someone whom I met through your service. I thank God that you are serving God in this unique ministry." D.H.

"I want to tell you of another success story through SCN. I met D.P. from CA through your network and am the happiest, most blessed woman in the world. He truly is a quality Christian brother, and now, my future husband. We are getting engaged at Christmas and set the wedding date for May 8, 1999. Thank you Single Christian Network for being there as God has truly used you to put us together forever."

"Dear SCN through your services I have met someone very special and therefore want to discontinue my ad. Please remove my ad." J.C.

"With the help of you and your team, and God's grace, I've received many responses, which I've never expected...after having my adv. for about three months, with God's grace, I think I've finally found my soul mate... and it's time that I stop the >posting of my adv."S.S.

"One day I was feeling kind of lonely and I somehow found your service. Today I am so thankful… through your service [I met the] most wonderful Christian man I could have ever imagined… I wish I had found out about your service a long time ago…[We] will soon be married. When God does something, it doesn't take long to walk in the tremendous blessing of it. Thank you again for a job well done. A.A. (Texas)

"Through your service I met and recently married a wonderful Christian man… Thanks so much for your service that brought the two of us together!" L.B. (Ohio)

"I would like to tell you that I would like to cancel my membership because I have found someone from your service. I am very thankful and I hope you keep up the good work for the Lord. I am praying that what I found will be for life. Thanks for everything." M. K. (Nevada)

"Please remove me from your database on the Internet and regular matching service.  I have found a wonderful lady with your service and don’t want to risk loosing her.  She will sleep much better knowing that others will not respond to my ad." R.W. (California)

"I'm happy to write to ask you to remove my name from the network... We were married in the 50th state of Hawaii on April 3rd. Your ministry works! Thank you for your support!" S. R. (Illinois)

"I would like to say… your company is the best I have joined. And I belong to several!" R.W. (Missouri)

"I’d like to request to have my ad pulled from your listing. I’ve met a man… through your service…Thank you!…" D.G. (Maryland)

"Thank you so much for your help to find a nice young Christian man. I recently fount that Christian man…Please do not send anymore names… I am truly grateful for your assistance." L.W. (North Carolina)

"Please remove my name from your active list. I’ve met a lady through SCN… and don’t plan to pursue other possibilities. Thanks!" J.M. (Missouri)

"We want to thank you for allowing God to use you in our lives. We met 3 months ago and as a result of your ministry fell in love within two weeks. We are planning to be married in July of this year. P.S. Please cancel our membership with SCN!!!" S.C. and L.W. (California)

"I am writing this letter to thank you for your service. I plan to terminate my membership because I have met someone very special through your organization. Thank you again. God Bless…" R.H. (Kansas)

"Thank you for your wonderful service. I met a very nice man through your service and we are planning a June wedding. We are very much in love and your match of us was perfect..." B.H. (Ohio)

"Not so long ago, you folks sent me information on a certain nice lady... Everything with her has turned out to be the best of my life. I don't think I'll need to search any further for a true love... she is a God send... Thanks so very much." D.V. (Missouri)

"I just wanted to let you know that I am no longer an eligible Christian Single… Thank you for the introductions and newsletters you have sent me. I have referred others to you since I have been impressed with the women I have met or talked to by the way of the network…" P. K. (Illinois)"Thank you for all the names that I've received... but please discontinue my membership,... we've fallen in love and we're getting married!... T.I. (New York)

"Please remove two names from your mailing list - we're getting married on Good Friday! If it had not been for your organization we would never have met. God works through SCN! Thanks again!!. . ." L.P. and W.M (Colorado)

"Thank you for finding a wonderful, sensitive, understanding, intelligent, Christian lady for me... I was skeptical, but your organization works. God Bless you for what you are doing!..." S.S. (Indiana)

"I just joined your network and got to know someone from the very first list by phone. We agreed to meet an have already decided to be a 'couple.' Wow, these things can happen! With this letter I ask that you please discontinue my membership so other men aren't calling me!" L.B. (Missouri)

"Thank you so much. I have enjoyed your dating service and meeting new people. I have found… marriage. Please remove me from your listings." L.P. (California)

"I am writing to share a praise report and a success story for this network..... I took my step of faith in joining SCN.... I did meet several nice men. I can honestly say that the majority were solid Christian men who were like me, and wanted to meet a good Christian lady.... In your April introduction letter there was a man listed as Customer-ID NOR026 (Steve),.... It soon became evident that not only do we have a lot in common, but we also began to see that the Lord had put us together. He is truly everything that I have been praying for, plus so much more! I am happy to tell you that [we] are getting married November 25 of this year. I truly thank God for your service to the singles of this community and nationwide - there is such a need..." L.K. (Missouri)

"I am writing to ask you to put my membership on hold. I have met a wonderful man through SCN and have no desire to receive any more introductions at this time..." D.L. (Kentucky)

"Just a note to let you know how much I'm enjoying your service. It's hard to enter the dating scene after being with someone else for so many years. Life goes on and this is working out very well. " L.P. (California)

"Could you please pull my name from your listing. . . I met a very nice Christian lady and things are going very-very well. Thank you very much..." K.R. (Ohio)

"Thank you for your service. I have met the man of my dreams... We are now engaged. We have the same ministry... Thanks again. God Bless this work you're doing..." P.L. (California)

"Dear SCN, Please remove our names from your computer. [We] have found a deep friendship, in the Lord and with one another. We're both pleased with your program. It really worked!... We are a heaven-made match!... Thanks so much for your program and service. May God bless you as he has us." G.G. (North Dakota)

"Thanks for introducing me to my fiancée! Please stop my membership. Thanks, the Lord used you..." S.N. (Missouri)

"Please remove my name from your ads and mailings. I have recently married thanks to you all…" J.S. (California)

"I have found the ‘love of my life’ out of your service. Again, many thanks." J.S. (Tennessee)

"Please cancel my membership. I will be getting married soon!...." L.J. (Florida)

"I want to thank you for the introduction to a wonderful man I might just marry next year, the Lord willing. We both feel the same way... Thanks so much and God bless you." N.K. (Rhode Island)

"Please terminate my account. I have found my future wife thank to your services!" M.J. (Virginia)

"Please cancel my subscription to your service, reason being my up coming marriage!. Thanks...God bless you constantly for your great work..." A.O. (Florida)

"Please cancel my subscription to the SCN program. I am now married and no longer need your services. Thank you for the help you provided while I needed it..." S.S. (Connecticut)

"Through the network the Lord has brought a fine and wonderful woman into my life. We are compatible in so many ways! Her and I have developed a strong relationship that is continually growing. Considering this magnificent development, I would ask that you please discontinue my membership. Again I thank you and may the Lord bless." J.F. (New Hampshire)

"Please remove my name and (R.A.'s) name from your list as we are getting married... Thank you for being there when we needed you. God Bless." A.W. (Missouri)

"I want to thank you! I have met the man the Lord has placed in my life. Our marriage is in the planning process. The results were more than I ever dreamed possible. He is Mr. Wonderful! A beautiful Christian gentleman! May God richly bless you!..." L.A. Oregon

"Please place my membership on hold. I am currently dating the first gentleman that I met through your service..." J.G. (California)

"This in regards to my ad in SCN... I want to delete my name at this time as I have met a truly awesome man... and I am very happy..." J.P. (Colorado)

"As of today, please remove both of our names from your listings. …through your service the Lord has brought us together and we are going to get married. Thank You for your services and we hope that many more of your couples find the joy & happiness we have found. " W.C and D.K. (Missouri)

"I am writing to ask you to put my membership on hold. I have met a wonderful brother in Christ through your very first introductions. I couldn't believe this is working…" S.L. (Missouri)

"I am writing to ask if you would be able to put a hold on my ad for a little while. This is because I really like who you introduced me to in May… I am VERY HAPPY with your service!" B.C. (Missouri)

"Please STOP my subscription to SCN. I will be getting married June 15th . This all came about because of SCN. THANK YOU!" B.W. (Tennessee)

"On March 22, one of your former customers (L.B.) and I were married. We both had thought that we would live our lives alone, however, your service brought us together. We both would like to say, Thank you very much." T.S. and L.B. (Missouri)

"Please do not send anymore introductions, I have met a wonderful man from an introduction through SCN." C.B. (California)

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